Can my Loft be converted?

As long as your loft meets the minimum height requirement of 2.2m then your loft can be converted. The measurement needs to be taken from the top of the existing ceiling joists to the underside of the ridge/trusses. Please do not measure to the felt / tiles.

If your loft is lower than the minimum height requirement, then depending on the property type, there may be the option of lowering the existing ceilings to create additional height in the loft. There is also the option of a roof-lift conversion for detached properties.

What type of Loft Conversion will suit my property?

There are Loft Conversions to suit all roof types whether your property is a detached house, mid-terrace or a semi-detached bungalow.

Our Which Loft Conversion section will show you the different types of loft conversions available.

Will I have any input on the design and layout of my Loft Conversion?

Absolutely. Your ideas and requirements will be taken into account at the design stage.

Once the scale plan is complete, we will email a copy to you for your approval. If you would like to make any amendments, we ask that you email them to us and we’ll let you know whether they are structurally feasible.

Do Loft Conversions require Planning Permission?

Not all loft conversions require planning permission. We will calculate the total development volume at the design stage and we’ll let you know whether it exceeds the permitted development allowance.

If it does not exceed the permitted development allowance, the planning permission won’t be required based on the total development volume. If it does exceed the permitted development allowance, then planning permission will be required. Please note; regardless of the development volume, planning permission is always required if:

– Your property is within a Designated Are, i.e. Conservation Area, AONB, etc.
– Your property is a listed building
– Your property has no development rights
– The proposed conversion includes alterations to the profile of the roof to the principal elevation
– The proposed conversion exceeds the existing ridge height

Additional details and further limits and conditions can be found on the Planning Portal website.

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to ascertain whether their property falls within a Designated Area, etc. Or whether there is any other reason planning permission may be required. You may need to check your property deeds to confirm whether any of the above points apply. We advise you to contact your Local Authority if you are unsure. Another Level can submit a standard planning application if planning permission is required.

Do loft conversions require Building Control Approval?

Yes. All loft conversions must comply with current Building Regulations. We will submit the building control application on your behalf once you have approved the scale plan.

If a loft conversion is undertaken without Building Control Approval, the Local Authority can serve you with an enforcement notice whether the alterations comply or not.

How will I know that my Loft Conversion is being constructed to Building Regulations?

The Building Inspector will carry out stage inspections during the build process to ensure that all works are being carried out in accordance with their recommendations.

Once all works are complete and the Building Inspector has carried out the final inspection, you will be issued with a Final Certificate that confirms your loft conversion complies and has been approved.

What does a Loft Conversion cost?

As a general guide, a roof-light converson (where the room is constructed within the existing roof space) usually starts from around £24,000.00 and a rear flat roof dormer conversion usually starts from around £38,000.00. The overall cost of the loft conversion is always determined by the size of the loft space, the individual works involved and the specification you would like.

Is the price you quote the final cost?

Yes. We aim to send your quote by post or email within 10 working days from the date of the intial appointment.

The total cost will be fixed and will be in accordance with the specification provided. Our quote’s are valid for 30 days. If you decide to proceed after the 30 days has elapsed, we will need to check the quote to see whether any changes are required. Depending on how much time has elapsed, we may need to revise the quote to ensure it falls within our current pricing structure and meets current building regulations.

How long will my Loft Conversion take?

As a general guide, an average sized roof-light conversion usually takes between 15 and 20 working days from start to completion and an average sized dormer conversion usually takes between 30 and 35 working days from start to completion.

Of course, if there is more than one loft room, or if there is a bathroon, etc. then additional time will be required for the build. Although we do always try to work to the estimated timescales givin in our quotes, there are many factors that can impact the duration of a loft conversion, eg. weather delays, staff sickness, supplier delivery days, etc. therefore the timescales are given as a guide only and should not be relied upon.

Will I be kept updated as works are ongoing?

Yes, we will send email updates as we reach each stage of the conversion, i.e. floor installation, 1st fix joinery etc. We will also let you know when we expect other trades to be there, i.e. electricians, plumbers, plasterers, etc.

What type of guarantee will I get?

Once the contract is complete you will receive a Completion Pack, which will contain your guarantee.

Another Level guarantees all structural works undertaken, as per the contract, for a period of 6-years. Plumbing labour and electrical labour carried out as per the contract is guaranteed for 12-months; this runs concurrent with the 12-month manufacturer’s gurantee for the plumbing fittings supplied by Another Level.

Can I see some of your completed Loft Conversion work?

Our showroom in Preston can be viewed by appointment.

The loft conversion at our showroom is a flat roof dormer to the rear and a Velux to the front. Viewings of precious customer’s loft conversions are reserved for customers who have proceeded with Another Level and have secured their construction slot by way of a deposit. This is to ensure our previous customers are not being inconvenienced and also to ensure their home is not being used as a showroom.

Are you members of any approved organisations?

Yes, we are active members of Checkatrade and Trustatrader.

Checkatrade and Trustatrader are responsible for vetting and monitoring its members. The reviews on each website are checked for authenticity.

Please see our company Checkatrade and Trustatrader pages to see feedback and reviews from our customers.

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