Another Level Loft Conversions redraws 100% of the loft conversion plans that we are asked to quote from.

Here at Another Level we offer a plan only service for customers who would like their loft conversion plan drawn before committing to a contractor to carry out the build.

Having your loft conversion plan drawn first will enable you to invite different companies to cost for the same works, all off the same plan, so you can then compare the individual specifications to see which company is right for you.

Actual manual experience in the construction of loft conversions is essential to be able to design a loft conversion that is cost-effective, accurate, safe and practical.

This is the reason that Another Level redraws 100% of the loft conversion plans that we are presented with. Our loft specialist architect has over 25 years experience in the construction of loft conversions and over 15 years experience in the design of loft conversions. This extensive knowledge and actual construction experience means that your loft conversion will be designed by an expert loft architect who knows exactly what needs to be done and what can be done during the build process, as well as exactly what can be achieved from your loft space.


Accurate, practical and efficient.
Simple to follow.
Drawn by our Loft Specialist in accordance with strict Building regulations.


Our architect will be able to advise you whether planning permission is required for your proposed conversion.

Planning permission for a loft conversion is always required when:

  • Your property is a listed building.
  • Your property has no development rights.
  • Your property is within a designated area.
  • The proposed conversion exceeds permitted development volume.
  • The proposed conversion includes a balcony, a veranda or a raised platform.
  • The proposed conversion is higher than the existing ridge height (i.e. roof-lift).
  • The proposed loft conversion includes alterations to the profile of the roof to the principal elevation that fronts the highway (i.e. dormer to the front elevation).

Designated areas include Conservation areas, National Parks and the Broads, World Heritage Sites, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


You can contact us either by telephone or by submitting your details on our enquiry form. Simply state in the message box that you would like our ‘Plans Only’ service.

We will take your contact details and we will pass your information onto our architect. Our architect will then contact you directly to discuss your requirements.

During the survey appointment the architect will obtain all the measurements required to assist with the preparation of your scale plan and he will let you know the fee of the plan.

The plan payment will become due during the survey.

Once the scale plan is prepared and complete, you will receive a PDF copy by email for your approval. Any amendments can be made at this stage.

The architect can also provide structural calculations at an additional cost if requested.

You’ll then be ready to approach some loft specialist companies to cost for the proposed works.

Examples of why we redraw existing loft conversion plans:

Another Level have many a times been asked to quote for a loft conversion from a plan that has been drawn by an architect with little experience in the design of loft conversions and with no experience in the construction of loft conversions.

Each time we have been presented with a plan, we have pointed out design faults, i.e. fire doors throughout the property that are not required under current building regulations, etc. in addition to some very serious and dangerous faults, which other companies have not noticed. Our loft specialist architect has then completely redrawn and redesigned the plan in accordance with current building regulations.

Our customer, Mrs. Hall, paid £300.00 for a flat roof dormer conversion plan. Mrs. Hall asked us to quote for the loft conversion works from her plan. The Local Authority Building Control Department had approved her plan and two other companies had already quoted off the plan for the required works.

We informed Mrs. Hall that Another Level would need to disregard her plan, as we would not construct the loft conversion in the way it had been designed. We explained to Mrs. Hall that there were numerous design faults and structural faults with the plan; one fault in particular was extremely dangerous. The architect had designed the new ridge beam travelling directly through the chimneybreast; this is illegal and does not comply with building regulations.

As the other companies had not picked up on this serious issue, Another Level was awarded the contract. Furthermore, Mrs. Hall opted to use our recommended Independent Building Inspector to carry out the stage inspections on her loft conversion since her Local Authority Building Control department also did not notice this serious fault.

We completely redesigned the plan and we also carried out her flat roof dormer conversion. We informed her original architect about the serious faults with the plan and he refunded Mrs. Hall in full.

Mr & Mrs Smith paid £1,200.00 for their plan. Once their Local Authority Building Control department had approved the plan, they invited companies to cost for the works.

Another Level informed Mr & Mrs Smith that their plan did not comply with current building regulations and went on to point out some very serious design faults. Again, the new ridge beam had been designed going directly through the chimneybreast. In addition, the existing purlin caused a serious headroom issue on the new staircase. If the plan had been followed for the construction, Building Control would have condemned the loft conversion due to these serious faults, regardless of the plan having already been approved during the application process.

Mr & Mrs Smith contacted the architect who designed the plan and informed him of the serious faults. The customer received a full refund.


Request a Loft Plan today

We will take your contact details and we will pass your information onto our Loft Plan Architect.

Our architect will then contact you directly to arrange an appointment for the survey.

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